Run to Death

Mike Winch

Lee White and his friend and manager, Michael Flaherty, become enmeshed in a tangle of intrigue as they seek the cause of a close friend’s death. As they get closer to the truth, threats and increasing violence meet their efforts. The explosive finale surprises, as the evil-doers make their final bid to remain anonymous, and Lee and Michael face the ultimate test of their courage and tenacity.

Run to Death brings together the excitement of top-class sports with the complex elements of the murky world of drug cheats and bio-engineering. Some say the future of sports lies with the chemists and pharmacists. Run to Death shows how simple but dangerous it would be to reach the dizzy heights of Olympic Gold by resorting to such assistance. The old Olympian ideals simply do not apply when so much money and celebrity are at stake. Not only athletes but their coaches and managers want to feed at the trough of success.