Mike Winch

Lee White, Great Britain’s top middle distance runner, wins Olympic gold only to be tested positive for anabolic steroids. He professes his innocence but is stripped of his medal and sent home in disgrace. Determined to discover who has set him up, he enlists the help of his new manager, Michael Flaherty, a lawyer. Between them they become tangled in a dangerous web of intrigue and violence that leads to the near death of Lee’s brother and the death of a rival. After delving into the murky world of betting and gambling, a shocking tale of deception and betrayal unfolds, culminating in the explosive climax to their efforts in seeking the truth.

This story leads the reader along the trail of a modern-day personal tragedy routed in the greed that disfigures modern sport, and the simplicity and ease with which an innocent man can have his life’s work shattered by anyone ruthless and determined enough.