Mark Pascal and his partner Jocelyn Power are holidaying in Egypt when after a fall, Jocelyn finds a small gold artefact hidden in the ground.  Deciding to keep it, they return to London where they develop peculiar burns on their hands from handling the object.

The strange history of the artefact begins to unfold, as part of a cache of mysterious belongings used by travellers to Egypt in its distant past.  Some of them are used by the great builder Imhotep who having completed his great work, the step pyramid in Saqqara, separates a few of the treasures to hide for his own later use.  He never recovers them.

Taking the artefact to the British museum sparks a series of consequences that Mark and Jocelyn could never have predicted.  Mark is invited to join a shadowy organisation called the Convocation of Colours whose apparent activities involve passing detailed information amongst members for undefined purposes.  The rules of the Convocation are simple and strict.

The history of the artefact moves forward through the turbulent history of Egypt including the period of monotheism introduced by Akhnaten, and his subsequent demise, to the first days of the Israelites’ exodus lead by Moses, and their treasure later stored in Solomon’s Temple.

Mark falls foul of the Convocation and sees one of his chief employees killed whilst on an operation.  It is implied that the death is a warning not to say anything about the secret organisation.  He decides that he has to uncover who is behind the threat and why they have involved him.  Jocelyn helps him but Mark is afraid she will be targeted next.

When the First Temple was raised to the ground and the Israelites again sent into exile, this time in Babylon, the treasures disappeared from history. Jeremiah is known to have indicated that the contents of Solomon’s Temple were hidden before the Israelite’s defeat.  They were secreted near Mount Nebo where Moses first saw the Holy land. It is thought that Jeremiah left clues to its whereabouts.

Two of the museum staff are implicated in Convocation activities, and Mark with Jocelyn decide to find out more about shady organisation and museum’s involvement.  In doing so he follows the men to a little village in Leicestershire with long standing Knights Templar connections.  Here, he discovers what the Convocation are hiding.  Mark and Jocelyn’s plan is uncovered while they are still searching the old Templar Chapel, where they are trapped and sealed in to die.

The Knights Templar aim of recovering the ancient treasures succeeds after a long search of the First Temple site on Mount Horeb and subsequent journey to Mount Nebo.  Their haul is returned to Europe where the Order holds many estates and protects its treasury.  The Templars are eventually disbanded by the debt-ridden French King Philip the Fair, but a few of the members escape the pogrom in a small fleet, sailing to England and Scotland with all their papers and treasures intact.

After escaping from the Chapel, Mark and Jocelyn return to London and involve the police in their problem.  The Convocation follows their actions closely and determines to rid themselves of the two, which they attempt initially by bombing the offices of Pascal Security.  This fails, but they do not give up, kidnapping Mark and leaving him to die of a drug overdose.  He is recovered by his own staff who now become totally involved.  The sequence of events brings Mark and Jocelyn closer as they realise they should formally acknowledge their bond.

Solomon’s treasure that originally included the artefact that Jocelyn had discovered, is secreted partly in Leicestershire.  The families who originated from the Norman conquest and the Templars flight from France, form the Convocation of Colours in order to keep the treasures safe for future use.  The now English families become heavily involved in the Court and politics over the next six hundred years and the treasures are lost from sight, although the Convocation staggers on, its members not really knowing what their own secret is.  The Scottish Knights have in the meantime retained their historic aim of taking Jerusalem over and re-establishing their supremacy in that region, using the treasure to finance the operations.  With problems in the Middle East heading for conflict they see this as the ideal time to strike.  They inform their English colleagues of the plan and warn them to be ready for action when called upon.

Mark realises the seriousness of Jocelyn and his predicament, and organises security to keep them safe.  The Convocation is more cunning however, and again traps the two, taking them to their headquarters finally to be eradicated.  A shocking surprise awaits as they learn of their fate and why they have been a target of the Convocation.  They survive by sheer will power and luck.  The Convocation and its leaders are exposed and their international conspiracy thwarted… at least for the time being.