Mike has worked as a freelance IT and computer consultant since 1989.  During that time he has been the ‘one eyed man in the land of the blind’ for many small businesses, guiding them from typewriters, to word processors and then onto desktop computers and networking.


Each step of the way Mike has encouraged, cajoled and advised his clients as to the best and most cost effective way to build the IT aspects of their businesses, and train their personnel in using it well.


During this time, he has written database application from DOS to Visual Basic, installed and modified software from Windows 3 to Windows 8, Office (Original) to Office 2013, Server software from Netware to Windows Server 2012.


In addition to his he has helped client staff to work a mouse, printer, scanner and every other part of the overall IT hardware in the office.


His clients have included Solicitors companies, Architects and Surveyors, Engineering companies, book wholesalers and many small business just striking out on the road to success.


Currently working collaboratively on some game software and several web sites on his own behalf, Mike is ever pressing to stay ahead of the game.